Consideration for people is fundamental: it is first among our corporate values. Work-related accidents, still too numerous in our in industry, are not acceptable.

Our management approach: above and beyond the laws and regulations that we enforce, we are concerned for the health and safety of our staff in all circumstances.

It is our duty to make all work sites safe areas.

Poor safety hurts not only the worker, but also the company, the workers family, the community at large, and the country that may have one less taxpayer.
Accidents cost money, therefore safety should be ensured.


Putting SAFETY FIRST is urgent
Becoming aware of the situation means we must open our eyes, confront reality and make changes.

SAFETY FIRST puts people first.
Protecting the people in our terms is overriding concern. It also protects our know-how, experience and skills.

SAFETY FIRST is a compulsory investment.
It is part of our management approach, and source of progress. It promotes the quality of our work. It is an essential factor in ensuring job satisfaction for our personnel and it enhances customer satisfaction.

SAFETY FIRST means being aware that our behavior is the first cause of unsafe conditions.
To make our work sites a safe experience, each and every one of us must commit to respecting the five golden rules, for our safety, for our own sake and sake of others.

The rules are our five commandments. They form the foundation of all safety practices adopted by Oriental Construction Company Limited.