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Mbeya Urban Water Supply & Sewerage Project – Phase I - Tanzania
Construction of:-

  1. Intake Structure at Nzowe II
  2. 400mm diameter steel Gravity Main from Nzowe II to Nzowe I, 1000 metre long
  3. 1000M3 Capacity Intermediate Storage Tank at Nzowe I
  4. Pumping Station at Nzowe I
  5. 400mm diameter Steel Pumping Main from Nzowe I to Kadege, 4500 metres long
  6. 1500M3 Capacity RC reservoir at Veta.
  7. 2500M3 Capacity RC reservoir at Kadege
  8. Distribution System – 250mm and 300mm steel pipelines, 18000 metres long
  9. Distribution System – 200mm, 150mm, 110mm and 90mm
  10. HDPE pipelines, 34000 metres long
  11. 200mm HDPE Gravity Main from Mwifizimo Intake to New Nsoho, 7000 metres long
  12. 2 Nos. Break Pressure Tanks
  13. 160mm HDPE Gravity Main from New Nsoho to Majengo, 2250 metres long.
  14. 110mm HDPE Gravity Main from Old Nsoho to Ras Tank, 1800 metres long
  15. 160mm HDPE Gravity Main from Majengo to Simike Tank, 2700 metres long
  16. Rehabilitation of Sisimba Water Treatment Plant
  17. Extension of sewage system, 18,000 metres uPVC sewer pipeline and 182 manholes.

Client ................................ Urban Water Supply & Sewerage Authority - Mbeya
Consulting Engineers......... GKW Consult, Germany
Value of Works................ KShs. 418,930,662.15
Year of Completion...........2008

Sanitation system
Sanitation system
  1. Modification of Imeta Water Tr...

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Pump Station
Pump Station
400mm dia Steel pumping Main fron Nzowe I to Kadeg...

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Storage Tank
Storage Tank
New Intermediate Storge Tank at Nzowe I...

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